About Us


As a result of our 25 years experience and high level R&D studies, Remoll is at service for the construction sector.

Remoll is the most customer focused product in terms of up to date circumstances and developing techniques with its EU Standard product and service quality in the construction sector.

To maintain the highest service quality, Remoll is in contact with its customers and end-users.

To maintain the customer satisfaction, Remoll offers long lasting and smart solutions from production to application.

Developed and high technology R&D laboratories and proffesional teamwork are the key factors behind the Remoll product quality.

Remoll uses the highest technology and modern methods to eliminate the imperfection.

With its unique ingredient, Remoll differs from its competitors in terms of quality and penetrability.

Remoll invites all users to meet the quality.

                                                                                                                                                                          Remoll Team